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  1. Sharjeel Riaz

    New Disruptive Tech Racing Team Reveal

    And not to forget our helmets!!
  2. Sharjeel Riaz

    DX11 & SimRacingTools Update 4.04

    @Kris Cobb Plugins outdated after updating to 4.05. I did re-download the plugins and placed them in the correct folders. When I fire up the plugin icon is red and after launching rf2, the woman with annoying nasal voice informs me about outdated plugins. However, after driving on track for a...
  3. Sharjeel Riaz

    Radio Damage Racing FSR PRO Championship Car Reveal

    Thanks a million, guys!
  4. Sharjeel Riaz

    Radio Damage Racing FSR PRO Championship Car Reveal

    As the team owner and driver for Radio Damage Racing, I am happy to present the machine that I will be racing for 2017 season of the FSR PRO Championship. A massive thanks to @Nick Curry of Eroica Designs for designing the car livery at a very short notice and agreeing to sponsor RDR1 for the...
  5. Sharjeel Riaz

    FSR 2016 Broadcasts - Round 7: German Grand Prix

    The thing about your commentary is there is loads of technical stuff along with a lot of track and car trivia thrown in, which is informative and at the same time very entertaining. So yeah, fantastic job and nothing I would want you to change.
  6. Sharjeel Riaz

    New Qualifying Format

    Parc Ferme in effect across the board. So no engine bonfires anymore, I guess?
  7. Sharjeel Riaz

    New Qualifying Format

    What about escaping on your out lap due to some reason? Would that still count towards your quota of 4?