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Model for Renders - LINK
Model for rf2 PBR Creation (2020 Physics) - LINK
Do not use our model without written permission :)

Important Requirements
You must follow the following requirements otherwise your skin will be rejected.

World Championship - Sponsor Layer & Lastname folder, are both mandatory
PRO/ACA/AMA - Engine Cover number background is mandatory, Lastname folder is optional.

Template Guide video, not forgetting the rear wing ;)

DO NOT Touch the sponsor layer, this is mandatory and must be kept on top of the paint design.
This includes making sure to remove it from any PBR area you may have. (Ctrl + Click on the Sponsor Layer + Nose Number to highlight its area). Use a simple Matte Vinyl for that layer.

You must change the LASTNAME and NUMBER for each driver, Including the HALO with driver INITIALS. Do not change the font, Only change the colour for the HALO + NOSE Number to suit your livery.

DO NOT MOVE or Change the size of any number or name. Simply change the characters.

If you have any questions please ask BEFORE submitting, this will save us all time.

Font Link - https://www.dafont.com/sui-generis.font

Change the following highlighted items.
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