2022: Stockcar Template

rF2 Mods 2022: Stockcar Template v1

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Any questions about the requirements? Ask @Cameron Rodger if you need advice.

Each division has 3 models to chose from; Centennial, Edgar, Titan. (C, E, T)
Each TEAM has completely free choice of their model and should be consistent for all team's drivers
All liveries should 99% work on each models, as its mostly sticker changes.
Make sure to chose the correct Wireframe and Mandatory layer for your intended model.

PBR Materials
- PBR is effective in this car, the region layers have been added accordingly
- Save .JSON as the exact same car livery name
- Save region as .DDS as the exact same car livery name + _region
Example Submission

- Each Driver can have personalised liveries, different to teammates, like real NASCAR ;)
- Chose your intended car model template/mandatory layer correctly
- Turn off the Wireframes before saving
- Turn on the Mandatory Layer, Name/Number folder and Paint folders before saving.

- Submit Car Livery as .PSD, but also submit a .DDS if you can

- Do not edit/touch the locked layers!!!! very important. leave them alone.

- Keep the layers/folders in order, as the are on the template

- Only add your livery to the paint folder.

- DO NOT adjust the size/font/location/effects of the LASTNAME text.
You can ONLY adjust the Driver Number to a custom design, font etc. But keep it big, filling most of the Doors and Roof as per the default number size for reference. Go crazy with design and make your number stand out!!
Font Link - https://www.dafont.com/sui-generis.font

- You can adjust the accent SIDE SKIRT COLOUR to suit your livery design. But do not move, paint over or edit it in any other way!

- Adjust the names. If the name is too long, simply lower the font size until it fits inside by a few pixels.
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