2015 End of Season Review

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Kris Cobb

Senior Member
Jul 16, 2015
Avid Chronic Racing
Another season is in the record books and so I'd like to take a moment to look back and analyze the season.

This year, like last, was another transition year. This time it was away from the forums on Race Department. This move was necessary to build up our league again and it looks to be largely successful move already. We have more promotion we can do ourselves and likely more hits to our website as well.

We were able to secure a Thrustmaster sponsorship again this year. We did more than last year in promoting their brand, which should please them. We also expanded our reach by adding OnWheelsTV as a partner. If you haven't done so like their Facebook page as I think Jorge is really trying to build up his exposure. Big thanks to @Jonny Simon and @David O'Reilly for the work they put in.

We were able to get articles for all divisions for most if not all races this year. And it wasn't just 1 person doing this as several stayed through the year to get this done. Thanks to @Alessio "Primaguida" Campus @David O'Reilly @James Sadler @Ron Squire for getting those articles done.
Expansion of our social media presence was needed and there is still work to be done there. We are off to a good start. Big thanks to @Pashalis Gergis and @Jeroen Kweekel for taking on those duties.

Broadcasts and commentaries were done every race, as we all have come to expect. Big thanks to @Sam Jones for taking so much time to broadcast and our guest broadcasters @Jim Parisis @Craig Baxter @Justin Sutton Jaako Mikkonen for doing it at the last minute when requested. In the comms booth big thanks to @Chris de Jong @Jeroen Kweekel @David O'Reilly @Jonny Simon @James Sadler
@Justin Sutton for providing the entertainment.
Highlights just take alot of time and big thanks to @Jeroen Kweekel and @Teemu Valkeejärvi for attempting and keeping working on them.
Thanks to @Ron Squire for the header pictures on the rules.

Thanks to @Blair and @Mike Partington for their work as Race Directors. Truly a thankless job and we may not have always agreed but you all stuck with it and got it done.
@Mike Partington for making our lives a bit easier with his Race Director website. Thanks to @Carlos Martín for advice on postrace checks.

HUGE thanks to @John-Eric Saxén for the tracks as we would be severely lacking if it wasn't for his endless work and patience with me as I am quite picky about the sponsor billboards on track.
@John-Eric Saxén @David Greco @Marco Conti for their work on the mod this year and the work Greco put in to get everyone's car in the mod.
Thanks for @Christian Smirnoff for doing behind the scenes work on the FSR manager tool and giving us the tools to maintain a professional league.

Thanks to @Pedro Rodrigues for getting everything I needed in such a short time of budget requests.

@Martin Hodás @David O'Reilly @Mike Partington for being professional and giving me an unblemished record in appeals! :D

All the drivers and team owners that come and make the year very competitive, thanks for your patience through the transitions to rF2 and the new forum!

If I missed anyone it was not done so on purpose! Everyone have a great winter break and come back for an exciting 2016 season!

Will Prieto

Junior Member
Jul 18, 2015
Great stuff Kris, congratulations on your work and congratulations to all the people named in the post, all of you provide a great source of enterteinment and i'm very grateful for that :):)

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