World Championship Commentating "team insights"

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Jul 17, 2015
I want to try to keep improving the standard of my WC commentating.
It's obvious to those in WC teams that I have better knowledge of the "inside story" at ACR/OFR as I am regularly on the team server practicing.
This lets me drop little "team insights" into the race broadcast.

I welcome any other teams to communicate stuff to me that will let me talk in a more insightful way into what is happening in your team. Nothing that gives away trade secrets but for example.

How are the drivers liking the mod?
How has preparation gone for this round?
Does either driver like this track?
Have they both tested a lot?
Who is leading the set up?
The team dynamic across both sides of the garage?
Is anyone racing better than they quali or the reverse?
Hopes for the weather? anyone want rain?
etc etc etc.
and anything else.

Its entirely voluntary so its up to you but the more I know about your team/drivers the more I can talk about them and as we saw on Sunday it can be a long afternoon.

Just send me a pm with your news (by Friday of the race weekend pls) and I will jot notes down and try to use them.

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