Invictus Motorsport IP-002 Hybrid Unveil

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Aug 29, 2015
Invictus Motorsports
Today Invictus Motorsport took the wraps off their new 2018 challenger, the IP-002 Hybrid! This car will be Invictus Motorsport's second car to compete in all 3 divisions of FSR, and third car overall. The car features a simpler but more distinctive livery for 2018, occupying a striking black and yellow colour scheme.


Both WC drivers were present at the launch, here is the transcript of both driver interviews.

Interview with Jos Araneda;
Q: OK. First question, what do you think of the car?

A: First of all hello everyone and welcome to this incredible launch! I am very excited to be part of this launch of Invictus MotorSport! Well... The new car looks amazing, its really beautiful. It is fair to say that the team has been very careful in the design of this year car, so I must thank the design department for the great work they have done. From the behaviour of the car, i need to say that it feels very nice. It is a car with a very good level of mechanical grip and its aerodynamics allows us to have a very balanced car for this year. In the Preseason I have felt quite comfortable with the car, we have matched the leading times that gives me a very good sign that we are on a very good direction and our race pace is very strong! I really want the season to start! I just think that this year will be the year of Invictus Motorsport, I mean that we will be able to demonstrate what has a lot to prove. I am very anxious to be able to demonstrate everything we have!

Q: Last year you raced part time in WC. This year will be your first full season. What are your expectations for what the first full season in WC may be like?

A: That's right, during the second part of the last Championship I was promoted to WC Driver and it was a very hard learning experience, i must say, but at the same time was incredible for me, during which in the last races I felt totally integrated and I was able to demonstrate all my speed. Racing alongside the best drivers in the world is a great challenge and honor for me. About my expectactions? Well, they are quite simple: as a team, to position Invictus Motorsport as one of the strongest teams in the Constructor’s Championship, and as a driver, to have the opportunity to show that I can fight for the Drivers' Championship.

Q: You’ve attracted a lot of sponsors for the team. How do you think this could help the team?

A: They could help the team in many ways. I think that they will make us stronger as a team, it will help us in our confidence as a team and as drivers, since each one of us knows that the support of the sponsors is important for the growth of all of us. It is not less than Racing5, Chile Custom Rides and Speed Park are here. Thank you very much to them for giving me the opportunity and for believing in me and in our team!

Q: You’ve obviously seen all the behind the scenes activities for the team, what do you think of the team’s preparations for this season?

A: Yes, the truth we have all worked very hard. I have been able to see everything that the team has worked for so that everything goes perfectly this year. As Matt has worked a lot in the organization, I have worked a lot in the car setups, and we have had very good results so far, we are really happy. To be honest, I am very excited for the season that is coming for Invictus.

Q: Finally, what are your goals for the upcoming season?

A: As I said before, I want to give my best and let everyone know where I am able to go. I also want to reach the top of the FSR that would be my biggest dream in this world, our simracing world.

Interview with Kirill Birukov

Q: Firstly welcome to the team. Secondly as I just asked Jos, what do you think of the car?

A: Thank You.The car is very fun to drive and we have a very interesting car coloring.I think we are going to show up on the starting grid. I hope I will be able to fly as fast as it looks

Q: This is your first season in WC full stop. What feelings do you have about your maiden WC season?

A: Yeah, that's gonna be great.I watched the previous FSR Championships, I see how many strong pilots are involved.I like what I'm going to be at this level.

Q: You’ve not raced in an FSR main series yet but you’ve shown good pace in the Winter Series for the past 2 years. Does this give you confidence ahead of the upcoming season?

A: Debut start in the Winter series last year gave me my first experience of international competition.The results of the overall speed give me confidence in the coming season.I hope to speak at the same level

Q: You’ve obviously seen all the behind the scenes activities for the team, what do you think of the team’s preparations for this season?

A: As far as I know it's a new team.The pre-season tests showed we had a lot of work to do.But we have a strong team this year.We have to add in every race

Q: Finally, what are your goals for the upcoming season?

A: At the initial stage,I set only one goal, to perform at the maximum in each race.It will be good both in team competition and in individual competition

More pics of the car can be seen here

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