Invictus Motorsport: End of season team statement

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Matthew Tuson

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ISR Administration
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ACA Championship
ACA Team Manager
Aug 29, 2015
Invictus Motorsports
Well, here we are at the end of our first proper season in FSR as a team. It has honestly gone so quickly.

When we purchased our WC license, I was still a little unsure about whether we were ready to enter the top division, however I feel we definitely made the right decision to enter WC. We weren't able to have the most stable of line-ups due to many circumstances, so there were some tough times, but we got through it and had a fairly solid season, to consistently be in the midfield. Our highlights of the season being Australia where we scored our maiden podium courtesy of Dan Brewer, and Silverstone, where we were battling for the win. In our other divisions, we had a fairly strong season in ACE, to score consistent points throughout the season. PRO was probably where we had our weakest season, mainly due to lacking committed drivers.

I want to thank the FSR community for everything, for being such stiff competition, it may be irritating if you don't get the result you want but it'd be boring if it was easy. And for the on track battles as well. Most importantly, I want to thank you for accepting me. I know there have been times I have been a bit of a pain, but for someone who has been in communities in the past where there is a select couple who are against my inclusion, I feel this league has accepted me as a driver and a team principal more than most.

We also want to thank the guys at Origin Front Row Racing, for not only giving us their license on loan, but also for giving us so much help in so many areas, such as setups, and general advice on what decisions to take. We also want to thank @JoeyVrolijk and Drillers Motorsport, for being fantastic partners throughout the season!

And of course finally we want to thank the entire admin team for putting in so much work just to give us the best sim racing experience we can get. I do believe FSR is the best sim racing league out there and that is because of it's professionalism, when it comes to management and broadcasts.

Thanks to everyone for making this into a brilliant season, and I will tell you all, I am buzzing for the 2018 season!

Matt Tuson

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