FSR2018: Livery Update #9 (DUE SEPTEMBER 3)

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Kris Cobb

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Jul 16, 2015
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Formula SimRacing 2018 Mod Template and Livery Submission Information

For 2018, FSR will use a 2017/2018 based open wheel car, utilising ACFL's Chassis (Thank you for permission) and Physics from @Marco Conti
With Special Help along the way from @Kris Cobb, @Michele D'Alessandro, @Ton van Egmond, Disegno 4d and everyone who posted feedback! Thank you

Teams will have different varients of the same chassis to use:
Sharkfin: Big 2017 Style/ Small 2016 Style
Nose: Rounded/Thumb
Steering Wheel: LCD on wheel/ LCD on chassis
Halo: On/Off

Car Variants are "upgrades" that can be chosen in Tuning when selecting the car, these can be changed at anytime and purely for driver preference.
All options are able to be painted and are on the same template, below.

Car: http://racefiles.formula-simracing.net/2018/FSR/Mod/Templates/FSR2018_TEMPLATE.psd
Helmet: http://racefiles.formula-simracing.net/2018/FSR/Mod/Templates/FSR2018_HELMET.psd
Car Model DAE for renders/3d: right click/save link as

Livery Submission
An online tool will be made available. This will generate the VEH file for you and tell you what to name the other files.
2018 VEH Generator:
It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to reload the page between each file creation! Use the RELOAD button on the form.
Copy the output to notepad, then save as the correct name .veh (make sure its .veh otherwise its a .txt file!)

Refresh/Reload the page after every VEH file you generate! This may cause the files to be wrong if you don't!

What you need to send
- Correct skins for your team (Team managers send a .zip with all the team's files, NOT INDIVIDUALLY!)
- Correct Helmets (otherwise they will be default)
- Correct VEH Files for each driver.

Accuracy is important! This cannot be stressed enough!
Any files not named correctly WILL NOT be added to the download!
Any files that have wrong data in them may cause your car not to be in the mod!
Additional files will not be accepted! (Suits, gloves, etc.)

It is the TEAM's responsibility to check if the file data and file name is correct!

Send files to technical_mod@formula-simracing.net

LIVERIES ARE DUE BY THE DATE IN THE THREAD TITLE! Skin Transfer will be available in the event you miss it
(There will be various skin deadline throughout the year for updates or new teams).

FSR Server Time

Server Details: Search for "FSR"

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