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Aug 18, 2015

Welcome to FSR 2024!

FSR will use rFactor 2 as its simulation, with a custom car mod based off current F1 Car regulations.
We will race on a misture of Official DLC + Modded tracks. Adjusted to suit FSR's neededs.

FSR will run 4 Divisions.
  • World Championship is exclusive, Only open to those with License time Club licenses, or those who loan from the Club.
  • PRO is a high level series, aimed at experiances/faster individuals.
  • Academy is there for Rookies or those in search of experiance.
  • AMA will run as a supsidary of the Academy. With drivers being able to Promote/Relegate between the 2 series.
Entry Process:
  1. Team Owners/Driver Apply for a slot on the grid
  2. FSR Allocates the slots as it sees fit
  3. Team Owners acquire their Team License in Account Upgrades
  4. Drivers acquire their Driver License in Account Upgrades
  5. Team Owners submit their sign up and team roster


Each team will be able to submit their livery to be added to the Official FSR 2024 Season Mod. Submissions will be before Round 1 and then periodically over the season for updates.

FSR will not be only an F1 Season Championship in 2024!
FSR will run 5 Main events over the course of 2024

5 Events - 1 Driver License - 1 FSR!
We will introduce the new FSR License! That covers all entry fees for every event that we run (including if more are added)
This will ofcourse be of discount compared to the individual entry fees. You will be able to still enter a single event also if you dont want to get the full yearly license.

1- Firstly in January, to start the year, and dip our toes into Endurance you will see an 4.xHr of Istanbul.
2- Following will be our main F1 season from March to August
3- To start Autumn, we go down under for the Bathurst 500 Special Event!
4- Coming back to Europe we go tin-top racing in yet-to-be-announced Cars. Ready for some rubbin's racin!
5- Lastly we close the year with a fan favourite, IndyPro Season 3! after a couple years absence it will return with vengance.
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