Extra-Season Event Driving Standards

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Kris Cobb

Senior Member
Jul 16, 2015
Avid Chronic Racing
The Admins have noticed a severe drop in driving standards starting in Winter Series and continuing through the preseason test.

Going forward, the Administration will be checking the 1st lap of every race, and if you are at fault you will be given a Safety Rating penalty, and if severe enough possibly in-season penalties as well. Drivers must submit protests to @Kris Cobb and/or @Cameron Rodger in a private message on the forum. Best practice would be to add both of us to a PM, which should be able to be done by anyone.These should be severe enough to warrant a penalty, not just bumping and banging.
This was announced several times, in the Discord voice chats and on the briefing threads, but we are announcing it here for all to see.

Many people would think they have nothing to gain by reporting bad driving, but remember these are the same drivers you and/or your teammates may be sharing a track with in the regular season!

If you feel this would affect you too much during the regular season then please do not show up to any more events.

When submitting a protest please review it first, many drivers are at fault themselves when they submit a protest.
When submitting a protest please include:
Names of Drivers involved
Lap/Replay time

Protests will only be accepted through the forum in a private message.
Only those involved in the incident itself may protest. You may NOT protest on behalf of another driver. Everyone that joins an event must have access to the forum and should be able to submit one themselves.
We will only accept protests within a reasonable time limit of the event (2-3 days).

If this starts to get out of hand, further events will be invitational only. Many of these events are meant to be more "fun races", don't make it a chore.

Cameron Rodger

Staff member
Forum Administrator
ISR Club President
ISR Administration
Team Owners' Association
Sporting Department
PRO Championship
PRO Team Manager
ACA Team Manager
Aug 18, 2015
We have reviewed a number of Lap 1 incidents and any protests made from the preseason races. There penalties will be awarded as Penalty Points, as explained IN THIS THREAD. These do not carry the penalty that they would usually hold. The driver will only start the season with this value, meaning they dont have any buffer. Their first penalty points WILL receive the larger penalty

These penalties are NOT subject to COA, nor will they be changed by the administration, they are FINAL

Bahrain L1 Leonov, van Egmond, Zaharov Leonov 2PP
Bahrain L1 Araneda, Schmidt Araneda Warning
Bahrain L1 Leonov, Zaharov Leonov 2PP
Bahrain L1 De Vries, Reemets, G Batalla Racing Incident
Bahrain L3 Schulze, Leonov Leonov Official Warning
Bahrain L12 Schulze, Zaharov Zaharov 1PP
Bahrain L3 Rodger, Leonov Leonov 1PP
Bahrain L7 de Vries, Leonov Leonov Warning
Bahrain L13 Rodger, Leonov Leonov 1PP
Bahrain L14 Rodger, van Egmond van Egmond Warning
Bahrain L16 Heras, Leonov Leonov continuation of previous 1PP
Italy L1 Vesly Warning
Italy L3 Tuson, Santos Tuson Warning
Italy Race 1 L2 Araneda, Hutchinson Araneda 2pp
Italy Qually L2 Schulze, Tuson Tuson Warning
Italy Race 1 L2 Schulze, Kolman Kolman 2pp
Melbourne L13 Sadler, Hoyer Hoyer Warning

Driver List Totals
@Ivan Leonov - 7PP Total, Official Warning for needless divebombing and rejoining unsafely, Driver will be reviewed during the season and faces further punishment for continued behaviour of this standard!
@Jos Araneda - 2PP, Warning for turning in on a driver
@Dmitry Zaharov - 1PP
@Ton van Egmond - Warning for extremely aggressive driving
@Jan Veselý - Warning Braking far too early heading into Turn 1 Lap 1
@Matthew Tuson - Warning Parking on the apex of a corner, holding drivers on a hotlap
@Mateusz Kolman - 2PP
@Michi Hoyer - Warning squeezing a driver off when then were legally alongside
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