ACE 2015 - Round 14: Interlagos race review

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Jul 21, 2015
Osilo, SS, Italy
NetRex GP

The 2015 Thrustmaster ACE championship ended with the Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos. Klop, Ragusa, Hoyer and Masciulli contended the championship crown; Klop and Ragusa were favourites, with Kiss out of the fight only becouse of his absences. Weather predictions were about rain, but qualification started in a perfect dry condition; Gobbi conquered pole position, followed by Masciulli, Godek, Hodas and Ragusa. Klop was sixth, Hoyer eight; Francesconi and Chatzipantelis started from the pit lane.

On warm-up lap Hodas had a technical problem and joined his grid spot with very few seconds to go. Lights off; a crash and a massive chain reaction happened at first sector. Race director stated:"Godek is alongside Hodas at turn in point to corner. Godek doesn't leave enough room for Hodas, causing the incident. 34 points off of Godek and Ghostspeed.". Chatzipantelis ended first lap Fourth despite his pit lane beginning! Let see positions on second lap. Masciulli led D'Alessandro, Gergis, Chatzipantelis and Fernandez; Klop, Nel, Horril, Campus and Valkeejarvi completed top ten. Ragusa, Ivanov and Francesconi were not far; opposite contest for Hoyer, Godek and expecially Hodas (2 laps down after a very long pit stop), with Prieto, Gobbi and Heesterbeek retired.

Ragusa began to recover places despite his demaged car, and soon overtook Valkeejarvi and Campus. Trines NetRex race wasn't going well; Fernandez retired after an heavy crash, probably dueto a wrong acceleration. Klop wasn't sleeping and increased his championship leadership; he already overtook Chatzipantelis targeting podium, with the GhostSpeed driver pushing too much and making a mistake. Francesconi was determined to take some advantages, but he spun next to Campus and Ivanov colliding with them. Ivanov pitted, but Campus last career race issues continued; an hardware problem caused him to shift from fifth to second gear, spinning and making contact with a very close and innocent Horril. Meanwhile pit-stops switched places; Nel gived up after a pit entry crash, Godek retired after a pit exit accident. Again, great battle between Chatzipantelis and Ragusa from lap sixtheen, with the Italian having new tires but a low top speed.

Let resume after one third of the contest: Masciulli waited to pit and lost race leadership to D'Alessandro and Gergis. Klop and Valkeejarvi completed top five; Ragusa, Chatzipantelis, Francesconi, Hoyer and Ivanov were on top ten. Horril, Campus and Hodas hoped in a better result. Masciulli began to make pressure on Gergis, even becouse of his softer tires; he made the pass on his second attempt with a slide contact. Ragusa went back to Seventh after his stop, takink advantage on Hoyer, but strategies were not completely unveil yet. Spectators desired a victory battle from D'Alessandro and Masciulli, but the front runner touched the grass entrying second sector and donated first position; viewers waited and probably enjoyed Chatzipantelis unlapping hiself from D'Alessandro.

Less than twenty laps to go; Gergis led the race when strategies mixed up places again, but D'Alessandro overtook Masciulli and him, who pitted after a good defense. Lap after lap, Klop was closer and closer to be 2015 ACE champion, as Ragusa and Hoyer were behind him; Masciulli second place wasn't enough. Last race retirement was Horril, becouse an acceleration crash after hairpins; Chatzipantelis carried on his race on top ten, but he lost several places considering his previous status. Rain was still possible when top three attacked each other! D'Alessandro resisted in a final sprint and won his first ACE grand prix! Masciulli dropped to third after Klop overtake; hats down to who contended the ACE championship crown, but there can be only a winner, and the FSR PRO and ACE winner celebrated with racing donuts. What a palmares! Congratulations to him and to Twister for their remarkable season!

19 drivers started this race, 13 finished it
1)Michele D Alessandro (ITA)
Thrustmaster Twister Racing
1h09m20.777 (57 laps)

2)Rens Klop (NED)
Thrustmaster Twister Racing

3)Eros Masciulli (ITA)
Eventa by Pescara

4)Pashalis Gergis (GRI)
Avid Chronic Racing Blue

5)Michi Hoyer (GER)
Avid Chronic Racing Team

6)Giuseppe Ragusa (ITA)
BBR Life4Racing

7)Michael Francesconi (ITA)
Eventa by Pescara SHS Ace

8)Teemu Valkeejärvi (FIN)
Avid Chronic Racing Blue

9)Victor Ivanov (BUL)
1 lap down

10)George Chatzipantelis (GRI)
GS Engineering
2 laps down

11)Alessio Campus (ITA)
TrinesNX Exclusive
2 laps down

12)Martin Hodás (SVK)
Eventa-Pescara SHS Ace
4 laps down

Race Broadcast
Race Results
ACE Driver and Team Standings

See you very soon for next season! Thank to FSR drivers, staff and Thrustmaster!
Alessio Campus, David O'Reilly and Pashalis Gergis (FSR Media Group)

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