2023 ISR Club President/FSR Administration

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Cameron Rodger

FSR President
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ISR Club President
ISR Administration
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PRO Championship
Aug 18, 2015
Hello Everyone,
After 4 incredible years of work, the current FSR Administration will be stepping away at the end of the month. As many will know, since 2019 the ISR Club President has been @Cameron Rodger as voted for by the ISR club members. Alongside him has been Vice Presidents @Thomas Lenz and @Felix van Delft who have been crucial members of the administration.

As with procedure within the club, each year a new president vote occurs. This time around a new candidate emerged, one who has been around for many years, a champion in their own right and one who cares deeply for the league, all in a good fit for ISR Club President.

After sweeping the vote with flying colours, we are happy to reveal that 2023 ISR Club President will be @Cas Rietveld

- 2019 FSR Academy Champion
- 2020 Voltage Series Attendee
- 2022 PRO Championship contender until Le Mans
- Not Jeffrey Rietveld’s Brother

Good Luck Cas and the administration team that he forms. We look forward to a constructive 2 week handover period before official start date on 1st December 2022.
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