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Cameron Rodger

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Aug 18, 2015

Hello Everyone

Earlier this season we experienced technical difficulties during Qualifying for Round 3 - Japanese Grand Prix in the FSR World Championship. This happened midway through the session, and it was decided to reload the server and try again. However, once again, the server had difficulties and it was decided to cancel the event and look to postpone it. The issue was traced back to a DDoS attack on our server.

One round later at Round 4 - British Grand Prix in the FSR PRO Championship, we also experience technical difficulties on Lap 10/11 of the race. Drivers were driving but disappeared on the screen from each other whilst many disconnected, which we believe could be traced to a Steam/Game connection issue. A Red Flag was called and after a server reset, It was decided to continue the race with 32 Laps remaining. Shortly after the race was resumed, the server still had issues and it was decided to cancel the event and look to postpone.

In the case of the World Championship event, the Qualifying session was not completed at all. In the PRO race, it was still plenty under the 50% Mark as per the rules, therefore no result could be determined.

As per 20.2.2. If there is a second failure the race will be rescheduled or abandoned as per Admins discretion.

For both events, the FSR Administration has decided to run a full event again. Along with the normal Practice, Qualifying, Warm Up and Race schedules. We see this as the only fair way to get a result and no meaningful results could be made from either event. The events that happened on the previous dates are null and void.

The FSR Administration then consulted with all the participants in the PRO and World Championships respectively, with possible dates to reschedule the race. Whilst its almost impossible to get a date where ALL drivers are available, it was done with the best intention to get as many drivers from each division. The best 2 potential dates on this years Calendar were forwarded to the teams and drivers in each division and then they voted on their preferred choice.

After the vote, it was decided that both races will take place on Sunday June 12th 2022. Both events will follow their normal schedules, as posted below. A Full Administration and Broadcast team will be available to run the event as normal. However, please take into account this is a rescheduled and we cannot 1000% guarantee this at this time. But all best efforts to get a full broadcast etc. will take place.

All Drivers in each respective division may enter the race again. The old RSVP list is not valid for this race, a new RSVP will be determined. Therefore new drivers, drivers who missed the initial date etc. may race this one. Any reserve drivers from the initial date are not valid, unless they need to reserve again, but they cannot race in addition to the normal driver they are replacing.

If there are any major issues that would prevent this rescheduled event happening, the FSR Administration will let you know at the earliest opportunity.

Thank you to the teams and drivers for their cooperation and understanding. We look forward to a great event with 2 races on 2 different tracks, June 12th!

FSR Administration

Date: Sunday June 12th 2022
Schedule: British Time (BST - GMT +1)

17:05 - Free Practice session will be 20 minutes in length.
17:25 - Race Briefing will be 5 minutes
17:30 - Qualifying session will be a PRIVATE 10 minutes.
17:42 - Warmup session will be 3 minutes in length.
17:45 - Race will be 42 laps long.

World Championship
19:20 - Free Practice session will be 20 minutes in length
19:40 - Race Briefing will be 5 minutes
19:45 - Qualifying session will be a PRIVATE 10 minutes.
19:57 - Warmup session will be 3 minutes in length.
20:00 - Race will be 53 laps long.
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