2022 In-Season Car Update

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Cameron Rodger

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Aug 18, 2015

Hello Everyone,

As you may know, with the Official content that we use we are limited in some areas. And one of these is controlling the base content that is used.
From this we make an "upgrade" with our liveries and FSR's changes as required. In the areas that are available.

Formula PRO/Challenge is coming up and with that S397 will be making a small update to the Fpro car that we use. Whilst the exact changelog will be released soon. We can say that there are some changes to P2P and tyre behaviour. Don't panic however! Its not a new car. Just some tweaks and updates!

We will have to use the new base content as its not possible to continue with this one once the update goes live. Also, this continues with our philosophy of following Fpro where needed.

This update will come before our Round 6 - Belgian GP. Therefore, we suggest that you practice and get a baseline but don't go too crazy until after the update.

We will still use the same custom FSR Push2Pass duration/settings and our DRS/Slipstream/Dirty air values that we have currently. And review those values if needed.

At this time we plan to keep the same Fuel consumption and Tyre wear multipliers as well.

Good Luck! and see you in Belgium on May 15th

FSR Administration
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