2021 Car - Racing Update

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  • 2021 Mod Released. 2022 Spec, Refuelling, No DRS
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Aug 18, 2015
Hello Everyone.
Further to changes for the tyres, the FSR Administration explored possibilities of improving the racing ability of the 2021 car.

We first had to learn what the issues were with the car, this is not as simple as “oh you need to lower dirty air”, as there are many factors. The tyres and fuel have some factor as well. We have seen it's possible to make overtakes when there is an extreme difference in fuel level (weight), tyre life/compound (grip), or even a difference in wing angle (drag). However, even when you are at an advantage in those areas, it can be quite difficult.

On some initial tests, it was found that the slipstream would not be enough when you are in the final few car lengths. What this does is preventing a “suck” into the car ahead. And also lowering the overspeed needed to overtake. This could be improved by increasing the peak gain. However, it is an exponential curve, so this would then increase the slipstream at 10-15 lengths too. This would effectively give a DRS like effect, which is exactly what we wanted to remove, where you get physically pulled along by the car ahead even if you are slower. Another negative is the associated fuel saving when you have prolonged drag loss.

TOA and the beta testers then tried various different combinations of altered curves and dirty air levels (also the front/rear balance in dirty air). This involved around 4/5 evenings of practice with multiple different people, setup options, track selection, tyre compound/life differences. All sorts of different racing conditions. We therefore trust our testing quite well and hope you do too.

This has now been approved by the Board and TOA, so we will be releasing tonight with the livery pack.

Thank you for your understanding

Below you can see an outline of the changes:
Out of many different versions we went with
our version 4 dirty air/slipstream.

V4: FWDraftLiftMult=1.07 BaseDropoffLeadFollow=(0.1025,0.205) FollowingExponent=2.7 BodyDraftLiftMult=1.03

Current Version: FWDraftLiftMult=1.15 BaseDropoffLeadFollow=(0.0725,0.145) FollowingExponent=2.2 BodyDraftLiftMult=1.1


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