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Cameron Rodger

Senior Member
Team Owners' Association
Aug 18, 2015
We would like your feedback!

Work for 2021 is well underway in the background and one of the main things we want to sort is the rulebook. Many times a season we get stuck on certain rules or their wordings/interpretations.
We wants to make a solid, no debates rulebook that is very clear with what is allowed and not! So please let us know your thoughts.

Do not rush a response, as we won't be getting a final version for months, so take your time to make it as detailed as possible, so we can make this the best rulebook for you guys :)

Note: anything you suggest will be taken into consideration. We cannot guarantee that it will be in the rules for next year. Obviously all suggestions need to be within reason of what is possible with our man-power and limitations of the simulation.

Please use the form embedded into the forums post linked below to send us your thoughts.
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