2020 Mid Season Report

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Cameron Rodger

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Aug 18, 2015
Hello Everyone,

We have now reached the half way point of the season! And what an exciting first half it was... All 3 categories have been unpredictable and have multiple different winners, its been quite amazing to see. This season is the first since we partnered with Studio 397 and it has been largely successful so far! The entry lists are full (possibly needing a 3rd category below the WC :eek:) and the stream views are ever increasing from previous seasons... I personally have had great fun in the broadcast room despite my own races in PRO not going well :(. I am looking forward to the future and what it holds as rFactor2 is really growing its reach this years and its good that we are apart of it ;)

Sponsors -
Massive thank you to our sponsors for their support and increasing our prize pool. Go check them out and support the brands who support FSR!

Sim-Lab 3DRap IMB Racewear

Word Championship -
Jernej Simoncic is leading the way but not without tough opposition from Edge, HM Engineering and Evolution. This fight is going to continue all the way to the final laps in Sao Paulo and I cannot wait. Jernej has been very impressive at the higher downforce tracks, so lets see if that continues. Petar has been mighty, as ever, and I expect another win or 2 as we get towards the end of the season where he always shines :p. It is really impressive that ALL teams have points, even ones from Ground Effect and Singularity who struggled a bit in the opening races. Most races we have at least 6 or 7 teams in the top 10 as well, so its great to have some variety back in the top tier.

My old team mate Phil Kraus is doing an awesome job (apart from Azure o_O) Great to see him moving to HME and thriving along with Luke Maguire. HM Engineering have been a real breathe of fresh air to the league and I hope their success continues as they are really taking it to the established teams in Formula SimRacing. PRO has been VERY competitive, which is great to see after this category struggled the most in the last 2 or 3 seasons. But all these fast drivers are here now and its great to see. Of which a number of these drivers went to WC as reserves and showing they are very capable. I expect an inter-team battle with Kraus and Maguire all the way to the finish.

Academy -
Academy has been crazy, no other way of putting it. 5 races, 5 winners and all of them DNF'ing every other race they participated in. It is so unpredictable and has been amazing to witness. Kalocsai has been an awesome Rookie in ACA, along with the experienced Matthew Tuson, Danny Robbins and Stoyan Barbukov who have been ever-present in the top positions. Once again Royal Blue are doing an amazing job in the first half of the season, lets hope they can continue that in the second half.

All PROs comes with some CONs:confused: -
Not every season is perfect and there has been some issues technically.:rolleyes: However, they seem to have been largely resolved from the things we could change. And we hope in the future rF2 can bring more improvements to the online performance so this great league can thrive. I can assure you, that us admins are making changes behind the scenes and the future can only get better as it has done over the past couple of seasons, seeing FSR at the top of the rF2 Open Wheel Category!

Liveries -
There is some interesting liveries on the grid this year and I will attach some of my favorite ones below, see if your team made it;)

Good Luck in the second half and lets all keep it clean, keep it cool as the summer hots up!

Cameron :cool:


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