2020 End of Season Report

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Cameron Rodger

Senior Member
Team Owners' Association
Aug 18, 2015
There goes another season, Our first with being an Official rFactor2 League and it was certainly one to remember.

I'd like to firstly thank all the drivers who attended and made the league what it is. Of course there are accidents and arguments during a season, but for the most part we have the best drivers. The discord chat was always popping after a race (for better or worse) :D and that adds some nice community spirit, that I am sure will continue!

Secondly i'd like to thank the main people behind the scenes alongside me, @Thomas Lenz and @Felix van Delft. For their hard work preparing the overlays, broadcasts, speaking and negotiating with sponsors, advice, rule making, stewarding, race directing, anything else and being all round good guys to work with. FSR wouldn't be the same without them!

To everyone in the administration, from the sporting and media departments, development team and anyone else who helped along the way. Even for 1 or 2 races, it all helps and is much appreciated.
@Lewis McGlade @Matthew Tuson @Aidan Millward @Ewan O'Leary @Antoni Nicpon @Robin Pansar @Darryl Hamilton @Nicolas Hillebrand @Pascal Chapon @Cas Rietveld @Luca D'Amelio @George Morgan @Ron Squire @Harley Hamnett @Ton van Egmond @Alex Skinner
But also anyone else who is not listed.. THANK YOU!

A massive shout out to @Robin Pansar for creating the 2020 Season Mod, from scratch, spending almost 1 year on it. It gave us a great season and will be adapted for future use, I am sure.

I will wait until results are final to congratulate the winners, but for those who think they are fine. WELL DONE!
Prizes etc. will all be sorted in the due course once results are finalised and everything is confirmed and double checked.

But what is next? We will have at least 1 more series in 2020. This will be a more serious venture than our previous "off season" championships, so look out for details on that in the next few weeks. But we will take a break first and have a rest after the season.

Give us your suggestions for 2021

Massive thanks to our 2020 Sponsors:
For providing some amazing prizes for our champions in all 3 tiers. Go check them out for all your SimRacing needs with Rigs, Wheels, Clothing and MORE all available!

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