2019 Starts now, New Administration, New Goals

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Cameron Rodger

Senior Member
Team Owners' Association
Aug 18, 2015
Hello fellow SimRacers,

As it is into December this brings around the annual change of administration. Over the last few years this has been more of a formality with @Kris Cobb staying on for a total of four seasons. Kris put in ALOT of effort into the league and no one can truly thank him enough for the work that was put in consistently for those years. However this year, there is a change of personnel.

After a vote within the Club’s Board it has been voted that I will take reign and be ISR Club’s President for 2019. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kris for his trust in me over the past two years as I rose up within the admin team. It really put me on a good path looking towards the future. Also thank you to those who voted for me!

Now is a good time to announce my senior admin team for 2019

Vice President - @Thomas Lenz (Technical)
Vice President - @Felix van Delft (Operational)

These two will be my hand’s in producing the best season of FSR, with the three of us dedicated to continue and improve FSR’s legacy in open wheel online racing and esports.
Of course there are many more members behind the scenes who will all have their job titles announced once all confirmed.

I will now open the appeal for new staff members in the administration. If you want to take your passion of simracing to the next level then just ask me! There is places for stewards, Race directors, media team, marketing team etc. So just enquire and we can discuss where to go next to get started! As stated below there is potential for payment and at least a free licence for your work

As you would expect, I have many aims for 2019 and the future of the club. Not all of these details can be public just yet, however. These will come as soon as possible. Likely just after New Years for you! There are many details of the club/league structure that need to be confirmed internally first.

To outline the points which will be having attention and also some pointers for what you should expect next year:

Simpler/More Clear admin structure
Longer season
More optimised car model/ improved physics
Punctuality with work on all levels
More social media coverage
Prize money in all main divisions
Simplification/reword/restructure of the rules
Incident penalties closer to that of real life (more fair weightings)
Website/Forum updates.
Stream quality improvements
Paid positions in the administration

I hope you like these ideas. There are more idea and there is work to do so we will get back with confirmation in January!

For now, I wish you the best over the next few weeks and I will update you soon on what is happening. I will try get up regular updates on this blog to be more active with you guys
If you need me or want to ask any questions just PM more here or on Discord

Happy 2019!
Cameron Rodger
2019 ISR Club President

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