2019 Season Begins

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Cameron Rodger

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Aug 18, 2015
After the long winter, the season has now started. There was alot of preperation work behind the scenes and its good to see the work finally being used after 5 months off.
The season opener in Australia brought some great racing, obviously there were some difficulties that I will go into later. but overall, it was a nice start to the year. :)

Firstly, the teams did great with their liveries. So many good looking cars on the grid. I will attach my favourite ones. This really added to the broadcast, with some wonderful colours and designs! The broadcast overlay had its issues. For this, we will be sorting it ASAP, Just a few small issues.:rolleyes:Nothing major or "broken" persay. It is a completely new, scratch made affair, which means it will come with some issues. Its not the same one we use for Indycar/Winter Series. We apologise if it lessen your entertainment watching it.

Tyres. There was also the issues of tyres. :oops: This was caused by rF2 server not picking up the forced upgrade we put, we have reached out the devs and will hopefully get this sorted ASAP too. This was introduced to be "easier" to understand, however we caused alot of confusion for the broadcast and drivers. Again, we apologise for that. We will resolve these issues.:cool:

Over the past few weeks we have had some amazing media. Including interviews and the start of 2019 media. These can all be found on our youtube channel and more is to follow, pole laps, clips, highlights and further race broadcasts!:eek:

Michele D'Alessandro Interview
Musto Racing Interview
3 FSR Divisions ACA, PRO, World Championship
FSR 2019 Intro
Jernej Simoncic Pole Lap

If you would like to get involved in producing these and/or writing articles then give me a PM :D

We had since updated the forums a bit with new logo's there should be a bigger one within the next few weeks. Also the site was updated, adding new logo's, updated links for 2019 and added WC team/ driver page. Go check it out!

Soon ™ we will be revealing some event(s) over the summer period, which should be of interest to anyone who likes a bit of racing on the side ;)
I'll try to do these once blogs every month of so, to keep you updated with some plans and how things have been

Cameron :cool:


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