2019 ISR Club Presidential Elections

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Kris Cobb

Senior Member
Winter Series Driver
Jul 16, 2015
Avid Chronic Racing
ISR Club President nominations will start on November 1st and will last through the 9th of November.
If anyone is interested in running for ISR Club President please let us know. Only a ISR Club Board member may nominate you.

Presidential Terms last from Dec 1st of the current year until November 30 of 2019. Presidents are nominated and elected on a yearly basis.

Historically, candidates have put together a Campaign document to outline the goals they would like to achieve for their tenure. I have attached some of these below.
Johannes Kunkel President Campaign 2011.pdf
John-Eric Saxen Presidential Campaign 2014.pdf
Kris 2016 Presidential Campaign.pdf

The ISR Club President is responsible for the running of the league and has many responsibilities, up to and including doing the work themselves if they cannot find the help! I have attached an unofficial document with the duties and schedules.
President Doc.pdf

Knowledge of the league documents are a requirement and everyone is invited and encouraged to read the ISR Club Documents that dictate how the league is organized.
They can be found here: http://racefiles.formula-simracing.net/ISR Club Documents/