2018 Final Race Penalty Modifications

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Kris Cobb

Senior Member
Jul 16, 2015
Avid Chronic Racing
Penalty Modifications for Brazil
For the final race of the 2018 season, normal Grid Penalties will NOT carry over to the next race.

Qualifying Cuts
The following will be the penalty conversions for qualifying cuts:
Minor Qualifying Cut = 30 Second Race Penalty
Major Qualifying Cut = 60 Second Race Penalty
If you do cut or feel like you have, you may start from the Back of the Grid to offset these Penalties. A major cut will still bring a time penalty (although reduced if Pitlane start). Drivers MUST let the Race Director know before the session moves on if they will take a BACK OF GRID penalty due to a cut.
A notification during Warm-up will be too late and you will have to start from the Pitlane.
Extra time will be allowed before the session moves on to review your fastest lap.
A major cut may still incur a time penalty.
Race Directors WILL NOT check for cuts during the qualifying session, they will only check protested cuts! DO NOT REQUEST THE Race Director TO CHECK THE CUT!!

Race Incidents
For protests, time penalties will be used instead of typical grid penalties and will be based on the following:
For every 1 Penalty Point = 30 Seconds time added to your Race time.
Drivers that are penalized 3 PP or more will be disqualified!
If you feel you may be subject to this, a Drive-through Penalty may be taken to offset each 0.50 Penalty Point.
This drive-through must be manually taken, not given by the simulation or by request from the Race Director during the race.
Drivers MUST private message the Race Director through the FSR Forum after the race with the lap that you served this penalty. This may be supplemented with a post on the forum, but a private message must be sent.

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