2018 End of Year Review

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Kris Cobb

Senior Member
Jul 16, 2015
Avid Chronic Racing
Another season has passed and 2018 goes into the books. I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone that has made this season possible.

First of all, thanks to the drivers for turning up and giving us a good show this year. Obviously without you the league would have no point. It was really good to see all 3 divisions full, PRO saw Pre-Qualifying take place almost every event, 3 times even had a grid 2 in the form of AMA races. ACE never saw very low driver counts, like in previous years. WC participation was very high as well, more than 20 drivers and at times 14 teams were in the battle for the World Championship.

Unfortunately the Press Department is one of the weaker areas. Thanks to those that managed to get the few articles out on the website.

We once again were able to get the Thrustmaster Sponsorship, and we welcomed them as a team into the World Championship as well. Contacts with more sponsors did not materialize as hoped but thanks to @Felix van Delft for heading up that department and @David O'Reilly for assisting as well.

Thanks to @Marco Conti @Michele D'Alessandro @Felipe Giro @Manuel Biancolilla @Matthew Tuson and the rest of the test team to bring us a very highly rated mod to use this year! Thanks to the track team for making necessary changes for DX11 so our broadcasts look good: @Cameron Rodger @Manuel Biancolilla @Matthew Tuson.

The Media Department is probably the strongest of the departments right now, and this credit belongs to Felix. Where it used to be just 1 or 2 people doing everything, he has built this to where there are extra people to do everything. Thanks to the Broadcasters and Commentators that make this possible: @Felix van Delft @Peter Schulze @Cameron Rodger @James Kirk @Joshua Penny @Tyler W Parker Cory Dyer @Dave Paling @David O'Reilly @Dylan Scrivens Alex Skinner. Thanks to @Sergi Heras for doing some nice grid graphics as well.
Thanks to the people that helped with the Social Media accounts: @Felix van Delft @Ron Squire @Dylan Scrivens. @Dylan Scrivens takes some very nice pictures that we got to use on our various social media and press platforms.
We had some nice looking highlights this year, thanks to @Matthew Tuson, and the team above to lend your skills and voices to get this completed!
Thanks to @Ron Squire that does some very nice looking YouTube and Track pictures for us. As always he does an excellent job!

Big thanks to @Cameron Rodger for taking over the WC Director position, all the Race Directors have a thankless job but are working on raceday and during the week to direct and get checks done. @Paul Swire and @Peter Schulze did ACE and PRO respectively, thank you all for your time!
Thanks to Daryl Hamilton and @Thomas Lenz working on our new results system that will likely be used next year and will replace GPCOS.

Thanks to @Ernesto De Angelis for being one of FSR’s greatest assets and giving legal advice when needed.

Thanks to @Pedro Rodrigues for yet again being the ISR Club Treasurer, and to filling my requests in a timely matter!

Thanks to the Court of Appeals members that do their best to get appeals resolved.
1st Semester: @Jim Parisis @Petar Brljak @Jernej Simončič
2nd Semester: @Alistair Long @John-Eric Saxén @Petar Brljak

Thanks to @Cameron Rodger for taking the VP slot this year, its not easy being a backup to every potential thing that happens and he was there every time he was needed.

Apologies if I missed anyone, it very much is not intentional and pm me and I will make sure you get the credit you deserve for your work!

Please make sure to thank these people if you see them in the chat on track!

Congratulations to all the various Division Champions this year!

PRO Championship

Drivers - @Ivan Leonov (NetRex)

Constructors - Flag-to-Flag (@Cameron Rodger @Gerlof de Vries)

ACE Championship

Drivers - @Giordano Valeriano (Musto & Sabema)

Constructors - Avid Chronic Racing (@Lukas Schmidt @Dawid Mroczek)

World Championship

Drivers - @Michele D'Alessandro (Sabema)

Constructors - Musto Racing (@Petar Brljak @Muhammed Patel)

Thank you everyone for making FSR what it is and for working towards making it better in future!

Have a great rest of 2018 and we’ll see you on track for the IndyCar Series coming soon and then Winter Series in 2019!

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