2017 Mid Season Review

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Kris Cobb

Senior Member
Jul 16, 2015
Avid Chronic Racing
The 2017 Season is over halfway over and we have a nice little summer break for the admins to rest. I just wanted to take some time to say thanks to the people that make running this league possible and review the season so far from an administration point of view.

Sporting Department

AMA has been disappointing participation wise, which I still don't get because it is free and it was stewarded (post race checks). Big thanks to our Race Directors who have done a great job as far as I can tell. This is truly the most thankless job but one that makes our league very professional. @Chris Rabey for AMA @Dmitry Zaharov for PRO, @Cameron Rodger and @Haaris Parvez for ACE.

Technical Department

Some hiccups with the mod at first that delayed the first race, and some problems at Austria, other than that there has been no issues. Thanks to @John-Eric Saxén (tracks and mod) @Marco Conti (mod) @Michele D'Alessandro (mod tester) @Teemu Valkeejärvi (our very nice Canada) @matt tuson (our new Monza) and @Felipe Giro (Sounds).

Press Department

This dept is lacking this year. It takes alot of time to write nice articles and is usually thankless as well. Thanks to @Haaris Parvez and @Kieren for the work you guys put in so far this year.

Media Department

Typically in the past the Media Dept. has been a weak point but other than some hiccups this year it is still probably the most stable department we have, with many people helping and more willing to help. Some steps have been taken to standardize the systems we currently use so that should be nice example for the future. Thanks to @Georg Winter (Media Director) @Felix van Delft (essentially assistant Director) @Dave Paling @David O'Reilly @Sergi Heras @Peter Schulze @Martin Štefanko @Ian Breslin @Tank Applegate and I am sure I have forgot some others, for making the broadcasts entertaining and professional.

Marketing Department

This dept has been sorely lacking in the past few years, thankfully has been taken over by someone willing to put the time and effort in to it. Thanks to @Michele D'Alessandro for leading this effort, along with @David O'Reilly (Marketing dept mainstay) @Ron Squire (Social media guru) @Ernesto De Angelis and others that help with that undertaking.

Legal Department

Thanks to @Ernesto De Angelis for heading up this department, and is available whenever for the legal advise that is needed from time to time.

Thanks to anyone I did not mention, not purposely leaving people out!

Soon the preparations will be made for the 2018 season. We will need help next year as well and the time to start is now if your plan is to do so. There is always a need for people in all positions, so do not hesitate to put your name forward, especially if you want one of the senior positions like President, VP, and of the dept directors.

Thanks and have a great summer, hopefully with some fun races sprinkled in, and a great rest of the 2017 season! Good luck all!

Kris Cobb
ISR Club President
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Miles Wheway

Junior Member
Jul 18, 2015
United Kingdom
Netrex Grand Prix
AMA has been disappointing participation wise, which I still don't get because it is free and it was stewarded (post race checks).
I honestly think this may be partly to do with the lack of a broadcast for the AMA series. Now, this isn't me demanding there be a stream for the series, because I know that covering the 3 other divisions is already a challenge in itself, and people are already taking time out of their daily lives to keep the streams as good as they are. I just think people often discover this league through the streams, and seem to overlook the fact that there is a free and open series available because there isn't really much coverage beyond what you find in the Forum thread. We even had someone ask about a "Lower-Formula Series" in the Discussions section despite the fact that we have the AMA series available.

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