2016 Mid Season Review

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Kris Cobb

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Jul 16, 2015
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Well the 2016 season is halfway over, and what an exciting first half we have had! Huge thanks should be given to those that took time out of their lives to bring us this far this season.

Some huge pluses:
  • The mod is much better than expected racing wise. Before the first race it really could have went either way. An additional plus is the AMA mod gets rave reviews by anyone that drives it!
  • We have a surplus of broadcasters, which has never happened since I have been involved in FSR.
  • @Jeroen Kweekel and the Media/Press department are doing highlights. I hope this makes up for the fact that the race articles have not been kept up.
  • WC has 12 of 13 possible teams! The PRO Division is packed! The brand new AMA division looks to be highly successful and doing its job as several drivers have moved up to PRO already this season!
  • Forum membership keeps growing and thus the potential for drivers and volunteers!

Here in a few months people should start the initial planning of the 2017 season. If you plan on or want to help next year, I would highly advise at least getting your feet wet this year. We always need Press and Media people, and the hardest jobs to fill are race directors. I am sure any of our race directors would not mind you sitting with them on the server to see what it is about. The same for our Media and Press teams. The Technical Team always needs assistance with our mod and tracks, which we have been able to keep at a high standard. Especially for senior admins (President, VP, etc.) experience will be necessary and if you want to have a go at these roles I would ask to be involved ASAP.

Thanks to all those so far and good luck to the teams and drivers for the second half of the 2016 Formula SimRacing Season!

Kris Cobb
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