2016 End of Season Review

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Kris Cobb

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Jul 16, 2015
Avid Chronic Racing
With the 2016 season is over with and results being finalized I just wanted to take the time for a season review. This is traditionally done at the end of the year by the ISR Club President and this year is no exception.

We had four divisions this year some more succesful than others. We brought back the AMA division and it was quite succesful. Many very good drivers ended up moving to PRO and was very succesful there. Participation fell drastically at the end, not sure why, especially when plenty of people paid a license fee to race (enough to fill the whole grid).
ACE participation fell more rapidly, and I tried to take steps to increase the driver count there which was moderately succesful. I am confident that ACE will be a stronger division next year with some of the higher skilled drivers moving to ACE from PRO. I think every division should be very competitive next year.

Our Marketing team was able to secure the ThrustMaster sponsorship again this year. Big thanks to @David O'Reilly for pulling this off again.
Unfortunately Jorge over at OnWheelsTV and I could never get together to deliver press articles for his page, so this partnership hasn't panned out like it should have.

One big area we missed this year. Pretty disapponting this did not work out and additionally our Social Media presence is lacking. Hopefully this will pick up next year.
Big thanks to @Peter Bell, @Michi Hoyer, @Jeroen Kweekel, @Pedro Gomes, and our guest writer @YuGin Tan for writing the articles that got done.

One area that had massive improvement this year was the Media Department. Big thanks to @Georg Winter for filling in when Sam Jones left, and more than filled the position with German efficiency ;). Thanks to our Broadcasters, Georg Winter, @Felix van Delft, @Mike Partington, @Justin Sutton and @Jeroen Kweekel. Thanks to our commentators that put on quite a show this year, even on some less exciting race (wink Kweekel). @Dave Paling, @David O'Reilly, @Chris de Jong, @Jeroen Kweekel, @Justin Sutton, @Martin Štefanko , and @Felix van Delft for an excellent comms team this year.
Thanks to Jeroen Kweekel, @Teemu Valkeejärvi , @Cameron Rodger, @Felipe Giro, and Felix van Delft for doing some highlights this year, along with much of the comms team for Commentation on those highlights.
Thanks for @Ron Squire for doing some custom graphics for me, as always top notch.
Thanks to @Ernesto De Angelis for doing the broadcast overlay and the very high quality WC intro.

The Race Director positions are the hardest to fill, and some very capable people stepped up to the role. Thanks to @Dian Kostadinov, @Pashalis Gergis, @Kuba Brzezinski, and @James Sadler for the huge amount of work they put in to make this league one of the best and fairest of any on the planet. All one has to do is look at some other top leagues and see that we attempt to be the most fair to any driver from any team. Big thanks for going the extra mile for a thankless job, please thank these guys any chance you get, even if you disagree with them. @Mike Partington needs a mention too as he is trying to modernize a new GPCOS site that takes a lot of effort and skill to do, thank you.

Thanks to @Marco Conti and @David Greco for working tirelessly for getting the mod ready in time. Its probably one of the only mods out there that the wet tires actually work well.
Thanks to our track team @John-Eric Saxén , @James Sadler, @matt tuson for the high quality of tracks that FSR brings.

Thanks to Ernesto de Angelis again for the legal advise I ask for time to time for the league. You are a great asset to FSR.

As always, thanks to @Pedro Rodrigues for keeping an eye on the accounts this year and getting me any info I need on them at request.

Thanks to the current and former COA for being unbiased and fair to all appeals. I am sure this was a frustrating year for them adding the lower divisions and for several difficult appeals early on. @David O'Reilly, @Martin Hodás , @Mike Partington, @Teemu Valkeejärvi , @Eros Masciulli, and @Petar Brljak for being COA this year.

A special thanks to @John-Eric Saxén . He is a great asset to the league and knows his stuff. Thanks for all the behind the scenes work you do and your knowledge on track and car modding. Thanks for accepting the VP job at my request!

If I missed anyone I am sorry. Anyone who has helped this league deserves the credit so send me a PM and I will make sure your name gets recognized.

Thanks to all the drivers and team owners that make the league what it is. We could have the best management out there but without drivers and teams to fill the grid on raceday this would be a pretty poor league. Thanks!

Congrats to all the Championship Winners this season! Great job! Every division was competitive and tough this year, I hope it is even more so in 2017!

@Jeroen Kweekel - World Championship
Origin Front Row Racing (Kweekel, @Kuba Brzezinski , @Daniel Brewer) - World Championship Constructors Championship

@Michi Hoyer - ACE Champion
Avid Chronic Racing (Hoyer, @Pashalis Gergis, @Martin Štefanko ) - ACE Constructors Champion

@David Cook - PRO Champion
Origin Front Row Racing (@Felipe Giro, @Dewald Nel, @Pedro Gomes) - PRO Constructors Champion

@Ionut-Catalin Valeanu - AMA Champion

Have a great holiday and look for Winter Series 2017 to come up very soon!

P.S. Thanks to @Alessio "Primaguida" Campus that is probably single handedly responsible for half of my likes this year! I think every time I check the forum he is liking one of my posts! LOL!
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Jul 21, 2015
Osilo, SS, Italy
NetRex GP
P.S. Thanks to @Alessio "Primaguida" Campus that is probably single handedly responsible for half of my likes this year! I think every time I check the forum he is liking one of my posts! LOL!
No exception today haha. Most of likes means "Thank Kris and FSR Staff for spending your time about this"; so, thanks again ;)

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