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  1. Cameron Rodger

    2019 Broadcast Links

    Round 1 - Australia
  2. Cameron Rodger

    2019 Pole Laps

    Round 1 - Jernej Simoncic
  3. Cameron Rodger

    2019 Season Introduction

  4. Cameron Rodger

    2019 Season Begins

    After the long winter, the season has now started. There was alot of preperation work behind the scenes and its good to see the work finally being used after 5 months off. The season opener in Australia brought some great racing, obviously there were some difficulties that I will go into later...
  5. Cameron Rodger

    2018 World Champion Interview

    Watch below and interview by @Felix van Delft He talks with @Michele D'Alessandro of Musto Racing after becoming the 2018 FSR World Champion.
  6. Cameron Rodger

    2019 Season Registration is open!

    The time has come, sign-ups are opened. We are here for FSR 2019! Season information can all be found in the pinned messages here Make sure you're well informed about the 2019 season before signing up! How do I enter FSR 2019? There is a few simple step to enter FSR. 1) - Join an existing...
  7. Cameron Rodger

    2019 Prize Money Released

    Prize Money for 2019 Formula-SimRacing - 3000€+ Total Pool World Championship will take an increase from previous years and the first time we will see prizes in the lower Tiers More information...
  8. Cameron Rodger

    2019 February Update

    Hello Everyone, Welcome to FSR 2019. The season is just around the corner! Hope you all had a good new year. Havent spoken since then. In January we enjoyed a wonderful Winter Series. Racing at Jerez, Baku, Barcelona and finished in the hills of Spielberg. Congratulations to @Jernej Simončič...
  9. Cameron Rodger

    Formula SimRacing 2019 Mod Released

    The First public beta has been released. Updated Chassis, Physics and Optimisations Car Features - Engine - v6 Turbo, Custom Max Power - 933Hp @11500rpm Max Torque - 605Nm @ 10500rpm Weight - 740kg Safety System - Full Halo (Removable from cockpit) Lights - 2019 spec rear Rain lights Noses -...
  10. Cameron Rodger

    2019 Winter Series

    Formula SimRacing presents The 2019 Winter Series! Driver Champion Wins a FREE Driver License for the 2019 FSR Season. - Prize is awarded to that specific driver only - Claimed by contacting the President (me) when you sign up. Car: FSR's World Series - Formula 2 style (FSR Custom) Circuits: 4...
  11. Cameron Rodger

    2019 is Just Around the Corner - Update

    Hello, As I intend to continue doing so, I will be giving you frequent updates on how the season is progressing. Through the preseason events and into the season itself. With there being only 2 weeks left of 2018, I see fit to make some annoucements of what you can expect over the next couple...
  12. Cameron Rodger

    2019 FSR Administration Staff Request

    Formula-SimRacing is a league proud of the heritage but to continue its legacy and improve the league overall, help is needed. This is to do various jobs to make this a smooth running operation on and off the track. By helping you are reducing work load of admins and making it easier on each...
  13. Cameron Rodger

    2019 Starts now, New Administration, New Goals

    Hello fellow SimRacers, As it is into December this brings around the annual change of administration. Over the last few years this has been more of a formality with @Kris Cobb staying on for a total of four seasons. Kris put in ALOT of effort into the league and no one can truly thank him...
  14. Cameron Rodger

    FSR2018 IndyCar Series

    5 Races with the DW12 from ISI across some of North America's best circuits. Races will be 100 Mile events with the standard Road Course Chassis. Free to enter, just sign up with the RSVP as explained in the thread Read More...
  15. Cameron Rodger

    Flag-to-Flag 2018 Livery and Driver Reveal

    FtF has started a partnership with Who specalise in F1 photography, Taking some outstanding pictures from every F1 race and testing. Check him out here FtF are always happy to gain the support of any company or brand. FtF proudly announced its...
  16. Cameron Rodger

    FSR: How to get started

    Welcome to (FSR). Here is what you need to know to get racing with us! FSR has 3 Main Divisions With Drivers and Constructors titles in all 3 divisions. We use comtempory F1 based cars, with increasing assists as you go down the division ladder World Championship -...
  17. Cameron Rodger

    FSR 2018: Registration Opens

    After a long winter and many test races, FSR will open its registration for the 2018 Season tomorrow, Sunday 25th February There will be an in-forum form to fill in that will be available from tomorrow Before you register there are a few things you should read/be aware of: Rules Book...
  18. Cameron Rodger

    FSR 2017 Broadcasts: Round 16 Brazil

  19. Cameron Rodger

    FSR 2017 Broadcasts: Round 5 Canada

  20. Cameron Rodger

    FSR 2017 Broadcasts: Round 4 Turkey