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  1. Dmitry Zaharov

    2018 FSR Administration - Help Needed

    I can help as assisting to RD. No time to be fully commited to RD role again unfortunately.
  2. Dmitry Zaharov

    Onboard Lap Around Autodromo Nazionale Monza

    We are delighted to present a hot lap video around Monza, in the actual race session, ACE series event. Was a nice lap for me :p
  3. Dmitry Zaharov

    Hi, please ask questions regarding anticheat there...

    Hi, please ask questions regarding anticheat there:
  4. Dmitry Zaharov

    FSR New Intro Production

    Obvious choice:
  5. Dmitry Zaharov

    2017 FSR Administration

    You could say something similar about cars itself, nobody notices what is your front wing color or whatever. Anyway, i'm not sure what's the point of this, everything has it's little detail that maybe unnoticeable but still make overall picture nicer.
  6. Dmitry Zaharov

    2017 FSR Administration

    Racing car without number looks kinda silly. Maybe of little use, it's still a nice tradition and design feature.
  7. Dmitry Zaharov

    2017 FSR Administration

    I'll apply for PRO race director or assistant in 2017
  8. Dmitry Zaharov


    We driving what is pretty much modern F1 car anyway. It even behaves in the same way as Magnussen's Renault did in Radillion :p
  9. Dmitry Zaharov


    Even concrete runoff have more grip so you can use it properly instead of green astro :p
  10. Dmitry Zaharov


    Why not Soft/Hard? Will be very interesting tyre choice for qualifying. That adds at least some intrigue for most boring race of the season.
  11. Dmitry Zaharov


    Wide kerbs are slippery as hell
  12. Dmitry Zaharov

    SimRacingTools for Turkey

  13. Dmitry Zaharov

    New Qualifying Procedure

    3) But i'd like to see Q1 15 minutes long, 10 is not enough IMO
  14. Dmitry Zaharov

    My small 2015 highlights

    So, it's never too late. First time I do something like this, please be polite :D Also, sorry for quality, my PC almost cooked itself while I was making this vid. Enjoy!
  15. Dmitry Zaharov

    Just for Fun Racing Videos

    This one I don't like. Previous camera was ok, but I like more top camera where you can see driver's helmet (see my previous video).