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  1. Miles Wheway

    2017 Mid Season Review

    I honestly think this may be partly to do with the lack of a broadcast for the AMA series. Now, this isn't me demanding there be a stream for the series, because I know that covering the 3 other divisions is already a challenge in itself, and people are already taking time out of their daily...
  2. Miles Wheway

    Fun Server

    Considering this video is from 2012, and we've had no indication of it being any closer to release, I highly doubt that this mod will ever see a public release, which is a real shame.
  3. Miles Wheway

    Fun Server

    Speaking of a 2008 mod. Does anyone have any idea what happened to that F1 2008 Season mod from Mak-Corp promised maybe 4 years ago for rFactor 2?