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  1. Chris Rabey

    Avid Chronic Racing - ACR2017-01BGP Reveal

    Avid Chronic Racing are proud to present to you our 2017 Formula SimRacing car, the ACR2017-01BGP. The 4 varieties of the ACR2017-01BGP will be raced in all Formula SimRacing Categories; World Championship, ACE and PRO. Thank you to @Teemu Valkeejärvi for creating our launch video. Follow...
  2. Chris Rabey

    CR-AMA01 - Livery Reveal

    After over half a decade of League Racing on the PS3 and PS4 with the Official Formula One games, it's time to get serious, and move to sim racing. Saturday, will be the first race in my FSR career and also my first Online PC race EVER! Not only do we see a new driver but we also see for the...