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  1. Victor Ivanov

    2018 FSR Administration - Help Needed

    I can help with broadcasting and assistant or full time RD depends on the needs.
  2. Victor Ivanov

    SimNews.Tv FSR pre race show

    Is this happening today? Can you post a link to the stream?
  3. Victor Ivanov

    Austria Announcement

    can we postpone by a week please :) I have my cast removed on 29th and I really really want to drive :) please please, pretty please
  4. Victor Ivanov

    Invictus announces WC Sister Team

    I'm sorry Matt but this is the dumbest post of yours for your whole career of trolling. I don't know what is your problem but it seems to me like you have no real understanding of the surroundings and normal human behavior. Your general exposure in the FSR forums which I would easily call...
  5. Victor Ivanov

    FSR New Intro Production

    That sunken gravel trap is surely a glitch :D
  6. Victor Ivanov

    Wanting to commentate on FSR

    At least Matt pronounces the names right unlike some of the commentating stars we have now :) We've heard stuff like: "I'm not even gonna bother pronouncing the name of that backmarker" or creating a new name
  7. Victor Ivanov

    FSR New Intro Production

    Georg sorry :D despite the time change I was still sleeping :D Martin Stefanko vs. me @Monza 54:38:)
  8. Victor Ivanov

    FSR New Intro Production

    Georg this was already done by Jeroen.
  9. Victor Ivanov

    2017 FSR Administration

    I can do RD, obviously in a league where I don't race :D
  10. Victor Ivanov


    So we'll have the option to ride the green bit on full throttle? Can't say I'm happy and impressed...
  11. Victor Ivanov


    I don't think the astro is buggy, it just has less grip as in like you know, real life. Also there is no astro on the straights and you don't need to lift coming out of corners if you stay on track. I don't believe Kris wants the same situation as Spa. Read the post race checks for Pro and the...
  12. Victor Ivanov


    potential massive crashes in the pits :P
  13. Victor Ivanov


    I'd say Soft and Medium most likely.
  14. Victor Ivanov


    I wouldn't do that. This is beautiful extending prevention. You have no work on that part of the track.
  15. Victor Ivanov


    When you setup the live weather make sure you've selected the right coordinates. The track default is a point somewhere on the Serbia/Bosnia border.