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  1. Dave Paling

    2017 Round 1 Postponed

    Perhaps some of the new applicants to FSR this season need to understand there is a Team Owners Association, FSR Administration and other aspects that make the major decisions not just a vote to all drivers on every decision needed because they cant make an informed choice because they dont have...
  2. Dave Paling

    Round 16 Graphic files

    i saw "graphic files" and expected lovely naked ladies, im dissapointed @David O'Reilly
  3. Dave Paling

    FSR New Intro Production

    Well sandpits are made to keep the kids on the inside ;)
  4. Dave Paling

    FSR New Intro Production

    my attempted overtake around the outside at puhon in spa could be good, L22
  5. Dave Paling

    FSR New Intro Production

    cameron rodger being cataputled out of bounds by yoichi in Hungary
  6. Dave Paling

    2017 FSR Administration

    I should be available for commentary, on which division depends on which division ill be racing in
  7. Dave Paling


    one thing i would say, turn 7 exit anti cut is a bit on the evil side,once you touch that its pulling you off the track,even though 2 wheels are still clearly on the track
  8. Dave Paling


    ive done a fair amount of laps on the track and i cant see what the problem is with the astro, lets face it, if your touching it your too far off the track and shouldn't be out there, as for the spins on it, only on full throttle driving way too aggressive have i spun,it does what i would expect...
  9. Dave Paling

    FSR 2016 Broadcasts - Round 9: Belgian Grand Prix

    Its not just a case of someone wanting to do it either, they have to be good at it, and have a very strong connection, without that the stream would be aweful.
  10. Dave Paling

    New Qualifying Format

    just to clarify, 4x 1 out lap, 1 timed lap, 1 in lap, focusing on the 4x 1 out lap, i take this as you mess up on your out lap or get blocked or crashed into, that counts as one of your out laps, so that is 1 timed lap unable to be completed, leaving 3 more out laps available with 3 possible...
  11. Dave Paling

    rFactor 2 Build 998

    hey folks,my rfactor2 already has 982 installed,i didnt update to 998,does this mean i do not need to do the 982 lite build?