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    Formula SimRacing 2017 Introduction Video

    Has to be said Ron you've done a great job there.
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    PreSeason Announcements

    I am more than happy to deal with ace post race checks temporarily if desperately needed, cannot commit to directing on the day however.
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    Wanting to commentate on FSR

    honestly though guys, not a dig at all but Gerlof is right. The commentators we have atm are good and as it stands I can't see the both of you out performing them as such. Like I said this is not a dig, just a realistic opinion.
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    2017 FSR Administration

    I'd be interested in some sort of media role. Aiming to potentially become a sports journalist (and specifically a motorsport journo) when I leave University and you gotta start somewhere hey! Like to think I can write in a half decent manner also..
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    SimRacingTools for Turkey

    I believe kris reported everyone who had issues to SRT, including their pc specs and any video evidence or something like this.
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    SimRacingTools for Turkey

    as i said above, this has already been done.
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    SimRacingTools for Turkey

    already did after silverstone, provided him with the video above. There have been fixes since then which have improved this for me but like I said the freezes still occasionally happen. It is progressing however which is important and eventually these issues will be gone.
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    SimRacingTools for Turkey

    yes. On the silverstone race week I did many laps of practice, half the ace race and lap 1 of wc. I had 0 screenfreezes in practice where i did around 400 laps, turned srt on for the races and in around 40 laps I think it was I had over 10 freezes.
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    SimRacingTools for Turkey

    because having had issues such as this I was happy with the fact that I was getting less screen freezes than before, saw that progress was being made and felt no need to report it. For the record I would like srt to be used for this race regardless of issues, I only began posting in here due to...
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    SimRacingTools for Turkey

    SRT doesn't work perfectly, as Kris has already outlined twice I think. I still have issue with srt, people had issue with srt in WC at hockenheim. What do we have to do to make this information settle in your brain.
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    SimRacingTools for Turkey

    its comments like this that really make me reconsider whether I want to stay in this league or not. I love it here but this is beyond ridiculous, same goes for the comments made a few weeks ago. I will say it AGAIN if you don't appreciate kris' work that is ricidulous and so disrespectful. If I...
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    My Driving Time is Up......

    Guess kuba will keep his seat next year then ;)
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    Origin Front Row Racing Champagne Celebration - Monza

    you have a beautiful set of nostrils Peter I must say.