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  1. Chris Rabey

    Avid Chronic Racing - ACR2017-01BGP Reveal

    Avid Chronic Racing are proud to present to you our 2017 Formula SimRacing car, the ACR2017-01BGP. The 4 varieties of the ACR2017-01BGP will be raced in all Formula SimRacing Categories; World Championship, ACE and PRO. Thank you to @Teemu Valkeejärvi for creating our launch video. Follow...
  2. Chris Rabey

    Wanting to commentate on FSR

    Right I'm gonna say my opinions on his piece of commentary, this is my honest opinion and I hope Matt can improve from my constructive criticism. Pros: You clearly have a natural ability to speak on the spot, you don't get caught up on your words much You have a lot of enthusiasm which could...
  3. Chris Rabey

    Wanting to commentate on FSR

    Chris Evans' iRacing Cousin.
  4. Chris Rabey

    FSR New Intro Production

    Damn :D
  5. Chris Rabey

    FSR New Intro Production

    My slides when hunting down @Cameron Rodger in Singapore. A slow mo of me saving it would be cool :D
  6. Chris Rabey

    2017 FSR Administration

    I'm more than happy to help out in the press, social media and broadcast departments if there's spaces :)
  7. Chris Rabey

    Auction High end Thrustmaster TX Leather wheel/pedal set.

    I have a similar wheel. Bloody fantastic if you ask me!
  8. Chris Rabey

    Flag-to-Flag Enters Pro in 2016

    About time! :D
  9. Chris Rabey

    Fun Server

    MAK-Corp's F1 2007 mod for RACE 07 back in the day was fantastic. Could only imagine what the highly more advanced engine in rF2 would do to those cars :O
  10. Chris Rabey

    Fun Server

    2008 mod....well hello server #4 :D
  11. Chris Rabey

    FSR 2016 Broadcasts - Round 7: German Grand Prix

    Just caught the race last night. good job David!
  12. Chris Rabey

    New Qualifying Format

    I agree with Georg. Opening up the tyre rules will make it more unpredictable and more fun. AMA does it and that was pretty awesome. Of course it's there for a reason. But I don't see why we should mirror F1 in tyre rules, FOM will take us down :D
  13. Chris Rabey

    New Qualifying Format

    I think personally that the new format really hasn't changed anything. To be honest the practice session before Qualifying is like a Q1 session, getting hotlaps in to be prepared for lap that count in the official qualifying.
  14. Chris Rabey

    New Qualifying Procedure

    I like 1 but we don't need the lap limit :P
  15. Chris Rabey

    FSR 2016 Broadcasts - Round 2: Bahrain Grand Prix

    Good luck anyway, sure you'll do find like you did in the WC broadcast (and PRO?)