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Official FSR Forum Rules and Guidelines

I. General Rules

1. English is the only language to be used on the forum. Refrain from using other languages on the forum.
2. Accounts must use the real name of the owner, which includes a first name and a surname. Existing accounts can change their names by going to User Control Panel -> Profile -> Edit Account Settings
3. While discussion on the forum is allowed, rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks, or inflammatory posts are NOT allowed. This includes posts with a clear intention to start an argument, or commonly known as a "flame war". Such posts are subject to moderators decision and may be edited/removed.
4. Please refrain from posting off-topic. This includes creating a topic in the wrong forum section. Such topics may be moved to the appropriate section by a moderator.
5. Spamming and trolling is not allowed. This includes using the forum, email, or private message system to spam other members. 6. Absolutely NO racism, sexism, profanity, sexually-oriented or inappropriate language, or any type of discrimination is allowed. Such messages will be immediately edited/removed by a moderator and the user is subject to consequences based on the Forum Behavior Penalty list. Please note that something posted without the intention of insulting a given individual/party but is still offensive will also be edited/removed. As a rule of thumb, if you have doubts about posting something, don’t post it.
7. Please refrain from double-posting. This means creating two posts in succession which merely fills up forum space. The forum has an “edit” option to posts, use it.
8. Please try to write meaningful and coherent posts. This is not a text or instant message, it is a forum post. You have all the time in the world to write your post, so please try to use proper grammar and usage of the English language.
9. Please refrain from creating duplicate topics. The forum has a search option for a reason. Any duplicate topics are subject to moderator's discretion and may be removed.

II. Avatars and Signatures

1. Animated avatars are not allowed.
2. Avatars that clash with Formula-Sim Racing staff are not allowed.
3. The maximum overall size for signatures is 160px (high) by 620px (wide). This includes text, images, and other signature information.

III. Advertising

1. Absolutely NO private messages or emails are allowed to be sent to forum members to solicit or advertise any products, services, funds or donations.
2. Advertising of services or products related to team sponsors IS allowed, but may be removed by a moderator if the service/product is a direct competitor with a service/product promoted by Formula-Sim Racing.
3. Advertising of other leagues is allowed ONLY after first contacting and gaining permission from a moderator.

IV. Moderation

1. Moderators reserve the right to edit or remove any post, avatar, signature, or account that is deemed inappropriate. Moderators are to make a record of such posts and may be restored at a later time, depending on the situation.
2. Moderators are allowed administer penalties following the Forum Behavior Penalties list, depending on the infraction.
3. Users are allowed to file for repeal for any penalty deemed unjust that was given by a moderator.